Bogus MPS Calls

MPS/TPS will not call a subscriber of the service to ask for personal details or payment to complete a registration. If you have registered via the web and have received an e-mail confirmation and clicked on the attached link, that's it! Your address (or number) will be registered with the FREE MPS (TPS). We will not contact you again in relation to your registration (please note if you have number(s) registered with the Corporate TPS, you must renew your subscription annually. We will contact you when this is due).

If you do receive a call from someone claiming to be from the MPS/TPS or a similar sounding organisation, asking for personal information or charging you for this service, it will not be the MPS (TPS) you registered with but another organisation offering similar services. You can check this by visiting the 'history' section of your web browser to see what sites you have recently visited.

If you have received a call of this nature you can send details to